Bubblegum T clown Bubblegum T clown Bubblegum T clown


"Bubblegum always makes the kids smile and giggle. We look forward to our favorite clown at our yearly church picnic" Martha S

"My little girl Mia, looks forward to the next time she gets to visit with Bubblegum" -Kent T

"Bubblegum has been at our corporate event for 21 years and we look forward every year to
face painting, balloons and her fun and bubbliness."-Sharon P

"My shy son Cody, loved bubblegum and made friends with her within a few minutes."- Kay J

"Bubblegum has become a household magic word at our house.  My 3 children, nieces and nephews, who now have children of their own, just love her."- Judy W

Aunt Sadie is a real hoot for the older-mature crowds, for anniversaries, retirements and the
"older kids."-  LaVonnne T

The prenuptial  dinner was a real tension breaker, Thx Bubblegum -Berverly H (Mother of the Bride)

Our Medical staff sure enjoyed the magic show and face painting at our yearly picnic-Jackie J

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