Bubblegum T clown Bubblegum T clown Bubblegum T clown

Cast and Crew

Bubblegum Bubblegum T Clown-Most Popular and well known from the cast. Bubblegum provides wholesome family fun and colorful entertainment for children of all ages 1 to 101. She offers silly entertainment and is a mischievous prankster.

Fun magic shows with audience participation. Bubblegum can do face painting for a deluxe party.
Snook Snooks the Clown
A silly and funny clown with a tomboy look. Snooks the clown will make your child the star of the show at his or her next birthday party. Snooks would love to entertain at your birthday, picnic, or your corporate event.
Secret Secret
This beautiful porcelain doll faced clown…the Perrott clown is the top of the hierarchy of all clowns. More reserved, but very high style and elegance with just the right amount of silly.
Bubblegum Aunt Sadie
A real redneck pain in the tush. Known for showing up uninvited or is that not wanted? Often tells more than what one wants to know. For mature audience entertainment; perfect for over-the-hill birthday parties, retirements, anniversaries, or senior birthdays. Offering stand-up comedy with a dash of silliness for large or small gatherings. Clean, wholesome entertainment for the kid at heart.

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